My friend and I had the privilege to spend a whole day at Dreamworld and seek out the most extreme, thrill seeking rides. The Claw Dream World for BackpackersTo kick off our adrenaline, we decided to take on the Big 8 Thrill rides; racing into Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster. Next stop was The Claw, travelling 9 storeys into the air and swinging up to 75km/hr! But wait….did I mention it also spins 360 degrees in full circles? This ride is a must for all you adrenaline junkies out there! One ride my friend and I have always wanted to conquer but never had the guts to do so, is the Tower of Terror 2. We had our doubts whether we should take on Australia’s most iconic scream machine, but we wanted to tick this ride off our bucket list. As we were seated and buckled up we were anxiously waiting to be rocketed out of the tunnel. After a few seconds, we were blasted out at a rapid speed hitting 161km/hr and before we knew it, we reached the peak of the ride and were left dangling for a few seconds in which we both felt pretty extreme and to make it even more exciting the view from the top was spectacular.

Backpackers love the Australian Wildlife at Dream WorldOur favourite ride would definitely be the Pandamonium which sends you round and round, side to side and upside down at up to 3.8 G-forces. This ride is a must do while at Dreamworld….trust me you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee you this will be one of your favourite rides which Dreamworld has to offer! We then charged through the Cyclone, Buzzsaw, Shockwave and the Giant Drop (another great ride for those adrenaline junkies).Madagascar at Dreamworld

We also decided to experience the Madagascar area and I was lucky enough to have a photo taken with the one and only King Julien. We then decided to hop into the Dreamworld Express train for a scenic ride around the theme park and to explore Dreamworld’s Corroboree which offers an interactive walk-through experience celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, wildlife and stories. Walking through the Corroboree we spotted and took a few snaps of Australia’s beautiful wildlife including koalas and kangaroos. The Corroboree is definitely an exciting experience for everyone! I definitely recommend visiting the Corroboree while at Dreamworld.

We both had such an action packed day and can’t wait to come back. We will definitely be coming back during the summer holidays and will bring all our friends along for the amazing journey.

Make sure to check out Dreamworld’s website to buy your tickets online or purchase them at the front gate of Dreamworld or why don’t you visit your hostel reception as they always have the best deals!

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